Madrid Replaces Riverside Concrete with Greenery

The city of Madrid has joined a lengthening list of metropolises tearing up concrete to make way for greenery. If you can get past the dreadful voice-over, this video provides a good explanation of what's been done. More info: ...

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Comment by Simon Randolph on December 16, 2012 at 13:06

Hello again, Julie.

The Madrid video is really inspiring. I can't quite understand how the city has been able to afford such a radical and large scale restructuring of the areas alongside the river given the present economic climate in Spain. But the project does show how, if thought through as an overarching plan (rather than the piecemeal approach we tend to favour in Bristol) what seemed previously to be a rather run down and car dominated part of Madrid, can be transformed into a scenically attractive and bike and pedestrian friendly area.


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