St Mary-le-Port church at risk; its future depends on the right redevelopment of this area of Old City

St Mary-Le-Port redevelopment  - A NEW QUARTER  for Old City, Bristol


This site adjoining Castle Park has been identified for redevelopment for some 12 years.  Outline schemes, basically for large office blocks, were published in 2006. They involved building upon varying amounts of public parkland and loss of street trees. There were substantial public objections. The property market was then hit by the financial crisis.  Meanwhile, planning policy has continued to evolve. Building on park land and loss of street trees remain part of policy for this site.

The lengthy planning process has not provided any evidence of the visual and environmental impact of policy BCS37/KS04 on this very important part of Bristol. This will presumably only be revealed when developer’s proposals are published.

This personal  Study explores the planning policy and suggests where and why it is mistaken. The Study then offers an outline scheme which does not use park land or involve removing street trees and recreates the historic church setting. It is also an approach that would chime rather than conflict with Bristol’s position as European Green Capital 2015.

Aerial sketch of outline scheme described in this study above.

Comments, suggestions, are invited.  Roger Mortimer      rogermortimer@jwmmail,net

The study is on this website -

It is in 2 parts.

Part 1. Critique of Planning Brief

Part 2. An Outline scheme.

These can also be downloaded from the website as PDF files.

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Comment by roger mortimer on April 7, 2016 at 15:17

Good to see your comment, Wolfgang. I am updating my thoughts in view of acquisition of part of site by a new developer, concentrating on the critical matter of loss of street trees and Castle Park land. Watch this space!

my website is already updated. I am hoping to build a list of those who are minded to resist enlarging the development site to include the current forecourts and trees.

Roger Mortimer

Comment by Wolfgang Kuchler on February 6, 2016 at 20:19

No time to read the study now but I agree with your principles and like the look of what you are proposing. Personally i feel that repurposing the court building at least would be good but given the hungry eyes on the site I guess that does not provide enough return. Will read study when I can, good to see this

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