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The Downs Play Area

The recently completed improvements at the Downs play area are proving popular. Close to Clifton Suspension Bridge, its open every day.



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Public Health and Landscape: Creating Healthy Places

A new position statement, 'Public Health and Landscape',  has been published by the Landscape Institute.

With rising health costs (the NHS's share of GDP has risen in the past 50 years from 3.4 per cent to 8.2 per cent), investing in landscape in ways that can influence public health is cost effective.…


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Sustainable Drainage: Advice, Guidance and Resources

Ciria, Environment Agency and DEFRA have just published a new comprehensive web resource for Sustainable Drainage systems. See it here:  Susdrain: The Community for Sustainable Drainage



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Community diversity: the value of social interaction in public places

In 2007 the Harvard political scientist, Robert Putnam published a paper stating that ethnic diversity in a community is associated with more mistrust. His paper was influential with governments, both in the UK and the US. In Radio 4's All in the Mind (Chapter 2), Professor Miles Hewstone from Oxford University, talks about his new research which finds Putnam's bleak conclusions about society are wrong......…


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Reimagining the high street: how empty shops can become community hubs

Empty shops are a symptom of the recession – but they are also the key to a community-focused high street. More here........

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English Heritage: the Next Steps

At a time of budget cuts, in a speech titled “Next Steps – England’s Heritage” Dr Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage, yesterday set out the organisation’s plans for the year ahead. You can read about it



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Should we have more space for cars or more space for places/ people? #landarch

and do car parks always have to take maximum footprint or minimum environmental consideration? Why do they  look so grim?

Find out here>>>>> Is there a worldwide parking problem?


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Landscape Architects: "the new revolutionaries"?

An interesting blog piece about how landscape architects work and rethink urban green space: New Revolutionaries?

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Making Great Places.....Landscape Architecture: A Guide for Clients

Landscape Architecture - A guide for clients

The Landscape Institute have published an important new guide illustrating the profession of landscape architecture, what makes great places, and the services that landscape professionals can offer to prospective clients.  Download a copy here:…


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Transforming Bridges Into Parks: A How-To Guide

Transforming Bridges Into Parks: A How-To Guide

A really interesting place making comment article setting out some underlying principles which could probably be applied to many public realm spaces - bridges or otherwise. See what you…


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What does design mean to you?

To mark HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s contribution to the promotion of UK design, the Design Council commissioned a one-off book of original artworks drawn by over forty of the Prizes’ previous winners, nominees and judges including Sir Terence Conran, Vivienne Westwood, Jeff Banks, Lord Norman Foster, Kenneth Grange and Sir Paul Smith. Here are some of the contributions.......…


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Stoke Park: A New Park for Bristol

Stoke Park on the eastern edge of the city is Bristol’s newest park following the official handover on Tuesday, January 10, 2012. The addition of Stoke Park to Bristol’s parks’ portfolio adds another 140 acres of natural, open space for residents to explore and enjoy......Stoke Park: A New Park for Bristol



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Design Council - CABE - Safer Place to Live by Design

Design Council CABE and the Home Office have recently completed this research to investigate the crime experience of contemporary housing schemes, particularly those that would be considered by CABE and the design community to represent good design. The research and case studies can be downloaded from:…


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The Lark Ascending: Kings Weston

Kings Weston will feature in a new BBC4 programme to be broadcast at 7:30 on the 13th of Jan - this Friday.…


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BBC Radio 4: Thinking Streets

The streets beneath our feet are getting smart. Pavements are melting into the roads and traffic lights are disappearing. Inspired by the work of scientists and engineers in Holland and Japan, some see this as a revolution in urban design. Part of it is a movement known as 'Shared Space', which promises to dramatically change the way cities look and how we experience them.…


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Quality Streets - Cumulative Change

A Hellman cartoon dating from 1975.......

The wonderfully concise visual message about the cumulative degradation of place is as relevant today as it was when I was age 4 and wearing shorts.


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The Portas Review

Mary Portas has published her long awaited report into reviving the UK's high streets, with 28 recommendations to save them.

See what you think here......The Portas Review

and here are just some of the press and trade responses to the report........…


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What Makes a Building Ugly? The Failure to Become Place

Interesting blog piece about Starchitecture v Placemaking.

Are they mutually exclusive? Does it have to be one or the other?

See what you think........What Makes a Building Ugly?

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Arnos Vale Cemetery - English Heritage Angel Award Winner

Joint Winner of the English Heritage Angel Award:  Best rescue of any other entry on the Heritage at Risk Register

English Heritage Angel Awards

The winners in each category were announced at an awards…

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Bishop Review published this week

The Bishop Review, which investigates the systems of design support in England, is published on Tuesday 18 October. 

The merger of the Design Council and CABE, coupled with legislative changes to the planning system, provides a timely opportunity to rethink how best to support good design in the country.

The review, which was commissioned by the Design Council and undertaken by Peter Bishop, Chair…


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