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Architecture is a unique art form in its universal relevance. Even if not consciously considered by everyone, the comfort, effectiveness and aesthetic qualities of buildings and spaces have a powerful impact. The Architecture Centre works to substantially develop people’s understanding of the built environment through every element of its programme.

In the fifteen years since the Architecture Centre first opened its doors, the Centre has expanded both its expertise and its ability to deliver first class programmes dedicated to helping different audiences to a better understanding of architecture and the built environment.

Some aspects of our work have been consistent from the beginning – ourexhibitions and education programme, for example. Others are growing, such as the work with, and for, communities, or the ‘design action’ programme which pulls together our work with local authorities and professionals.

We are an independent arts organisation with specific knowledge of architecture and design, and an excellent reputation locally and nationally. Our existing programmes, together with our rigorous and self-critical approach to what we do, have attracted increasing numbers of partners and collaborators.

We recognise the need to help the public understand what good architecture can offer them and by finding innovative ways of presenting architecture we hope to involve new audiences in our enthusiasm for great buildings and places. Through this we may challenge our own and others’ preconceptions and stimulate demand for excellent architecture.

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