How would you describe the sounds that contribute to Bristol's unique sound character? Pick three sounds that form part of the city's aural culture.


1. Cars on cobbles.

2. Seagulls.

3. The distant screech of the little steam engine on the docks.

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1. Seagulls (definitely)

2. Bell practice at St. Mary Redcliffe Church

3. Distant singing at Ashton Gate

1. Hot air balloons (the unexpected overhead sound of a gas burner on a clear blue sky day)

2. Churning water as ferries turn in St Augustine's Reach 

3. The rumble of skateboarders down Park Street, or the general rumble and clack at key skateboarding sites - College Green, outside the Lloyd's building, Dame Emily Park etc

Most distictive Bristol sounds are very time dependent. For instance my three would be:

1. Sound of foxes calling at night.

2. The preacher man on the centre with his mobile PA. You know what the sound is from some distance away.

3. Hot air ballon burners as suggested by Jodie.

I'd also like to add the Police helicopter that hovers over my flat in the early hours of the morning!
I was going to say police/ambulance/fire engine sirens in general. Certainly my dad always calls the sirens the Bristol Sound, although I don't think helicopters, sirens, general traffic etc would count as being distinctive to Bristol.
Swing bridge warning sounds - various bleeps, sirens, bells etc


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